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Uplift Academy offers result focused, one to one online tuitions for International & Indian school curriculums & Test Prep courses, adapted to your child’s unique learning needs.

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What parents and students are saying

Tailored lessons to meet your goals

Our focus being good results and improvement of academic performance, we only do live, one to one online tuitions which are tailored to achieve the student goals and needs.

Filling in gaps or expanding knowledge

Classes are adapted to the child's curriculum and combine real world experiences with engaging learning methods so that not just gaps in learning are covered but existing knowledge of the student also expands.

Across the globe

Over the years we have catered to students from several countries like the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Luxembourg, Zambia and India for their school based learning requirements as well as preparation for competitive exams and tests.

Become an independent learner

Having an in depth understanding and experience of working with children, we are able to transform students into independent learners who can think for themselves.

Dr. Arti Aggarwal, CEO & Founder

From the Founder's Desk

Dear Parent,

Growing up in a middle class family in India, I realized the importance of education early on. So, I worked really hard at getting top grades in school and wrote the entrance exam to the medical college and failed! Tried another time and failed again!

Everyone around me told me to give up but I decided to give it one last try. This time I developed my own methods, my own routine, my own madness and secured a place at the King George’s Medical College, one of the top medical colleges in India.

Cracking such a tough entrance exam taught me some invaluable lessons in hard work, perseverance and time management. During the course, I won several Gold and Silver medals and passed out as the Best Intern of my batch. Studying at such a prestigious institute completely changed my life.

Later, while pursuing my medical career, I also got a chance to teach at International schools. What started off as a maybe, grew into a much cherished role and a realization that I had a special gift to not just teach but inspire and mentor young minds. To be able to help many more students, I set up my online tutoring platform Uplift Academy.

To this day, we have helped more than 500 students achieve higher grades and get admissions into programs and universities of their choice. So many of our students have gone from an A to A* but the ones who make us really proud are those who went from an F to a B. They are the precise reason for our existence.

We are a team of committed teachers and with all that we have achieved so far, I am confident that we can help your child too. I invite you to register for a free demo class today and find out for yourself.

Dr. Arti Aggarwal
Uplift Academy, CEO & Founder