Primary Years Program

  • Introduction

Primary Years Programme (PYP) is the first curriculum framework of the IB continuum. The PYP programme has a student-centred approach to education that aims to develop the mental, emotional, social and physical potential of each child, in an open learning environment.

  • How many years is the program?

The Primary Years Programme is a 5-year course from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

  • Which age groups and years is it for?

PYP is designed for students aged 3 – 12 years

  • Which subjects are offered?

There are 6 subject areas identified within PYP:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Social studies
  • PSE – Physical, Social & Personal education

Students are also required to learn a second language during the course of 5 years. The programme also prepares students for the IB Middle Years Programme.

  • What is the grading system and how are the students assessed?

In the final year of PYP, students have to participate in a culminating project, the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition. It is a final assessment and is carried out internally where each student is required to demonstrate engagement with the essential elements of the PYP: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action.
Students engage in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems.

  • Key features and highlights of the curriculum

The Primary Years Programme has six transdisciplinary themes that provide the framework for learning. These six themes are –

1- Who we are
2- Where we are in place and time
3- How we express ourselves
4- How the world works
5- How we organize ourselves
6- Sharing the planet

Through these themes and learning processes in their primary school, students obtain a certain skill set that allows them to transfer knowledge learned in one area of the curriculum to another.

  • How do we help students? 

Uplift academy offers result focused, online tuition by teachers who have the relevant experience and expertise in International and Indian curriculums. During these PYP online learning courses, teachers not only provide guidance in mastering concepts but also help the children consolidate their learning through crosswords, puzzles, quizzes, recitation, art etc.

Our talented and trained online tutors help troubleshoot the students’ difficulties effortlessly while also focusing on the core subjects for their final assessment exhibition.

With their extensive expertise and training, our teachers provide unique and personalized resources, assistance with school homework and extra tasks as well. We recognize that all learners do not learn the same way or have the same strengths, so we use pedagogy which is customised to the child’s strengths and learning style. Our aim is to conduct sessions which make online education interactive and engaging.


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