Middle Years Program

What is MYP?

Middle Years Programme (MYP) is the second segment of the IB continuum. It connects and bridges the Primary Years Program to the IB Diploma Program. It is a multifaceted curriculum that is inquiry-driven, STEM-based and experiential in nature.

How many years is the program?

MYP is a 5-year course ranging from Grade 6 (MYP1) to Grade 10 (MYP5) 

What age groups and years is it for?

MYP is specifically designed for ages ranging from 11-16. 

Which subjects are offered?

8 subject groups are offered:

As the student progresses to MYP4 and 5, there is a flexibility of choosing up to 6 subjects as per preference. An additional aspect of the curriculum is the interdisciplinary unit which is a yearly subject that students are assessed on based on their conceptual understanding between two subjects. 

What is the grading system and how are the students assessed? 

MYP assessment requires teachers to create formative and summative assessments to grade the students. Formative assessments essentially lead up to a final summative assessment.

The maximum score that a student achieves for completion of IB MYP is 56, with a grade from 1-7 assigned to each required e-Assessment (8 e-Assessments to be taken). There are 4 criteria which are the basis upon which students are assessed, it varies as per the subject group. Students must achieve a minimum of 28 and higher than a level 3 for each subject group in order to achieve the MYP certificate.

Key features and highlights of the curriculum 

No defined curriculum and not focused on grades or exams, rather allows for open thinking and self-learning through curiosity. By incorporating varied approaches to learning, the students are challenged to think critically, and creatively.

How do we help students?

Uplift academy offers result focused, one to one online tuition by teachers who have the relevant experience and expertise in International and Indian curriculums. During the online classes, teachers not only explain a concept but also provide an array of practice tests, conduct oral quizzes and provide guidance in solving past papers.

With their extensive expertise and training, our teachers provide unique and personalized resources, assistance with school homework and extra tasks as well. We recognize that all learners do not learn the same way or have same strengths, so we use pedagogy which is customised to the child’s strengths and learning style. Our aim is to conduct sessions which are interactive and engaging.  

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